Season 1 – Episode 9: The Hung Jury

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 Jul 18, 2015 - Season 1, Sokan Podcast

Announcements and Guild News
– Guild Ceremony
— Sokan Advanced Recon
— Tons of Pairings – Super Exciting
— Sokan Divisions are busy
– Pod Race July 25th 6:00PM
– Tons of other Events (You don’t want to miss them)

Let us know what you think of the Togruta in Game Update 3.3!

Debate on KOTFE
– A lot of releases especially with the SDCC Cantina Event
– There was an interesting post about Operations and Flashpoints

– Progression in RP in the Knights of Sokan

All music Courtesy of Master Trennic — You can find his music at @r3zstudios