Season 1 – Episode 7: Loretastic

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 Jun 25, 2015 - Season 1, Sokan Podcast

This Week, Master Linaanto (AKA Tobit) and Master Trennic will be joined by Master Ra’s Winters and Knight Zarae Asheen on a Journey into the depths of Sokan and Jedi Lore.
Show breakdown

Game announcements and updates

– Discount Character Transfers
– Updates to 4.0 (Talk about the three main updates given by Dulfy)

Guild news and announcements,
— ((Things that are new and note worthy in the Knights of Sokan))
— New Alt policy and a recap of inactivity policy
— Discussion on how your behavior IC matters ((don’t be a troll))

You know that is a perfect note to segway into our brand new segment Expanding your Role Play, where we discuss how to expand your role play experience as a Jedi, by taking certain tips and tricks and applying them to your character in the in character world. Today we will be talking about Jedi Mannerisms and how to conduction yourself in both large and small settings.

Jedi Mannerism and Mass RP Mannerism
— (Discussion on Mannerism, Respect, Patients, Appearance, Humility, Duty, Respect of Life)

Tython: The Forgotten Planet
Bringing Balance to the Force