Season 1 – Episode 3

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 May 18, 2015 - Season 1, Sokan Podcast

This Week, on the Sokan Podcast, Master Linaanto and Master Trennic are joined by Master Molan and Knight Tremrirth:


Happening in Sokan (Recent and upcoming events)
— Recent Awards and Promotion shout outs
— Congrats to new Knights within the Guild, We Finally have More Knights than Masters since the MOVE.

Featured Interview / Lore Spot

The great debate — Forum post on Jedi Compassion

Making your RP better – What it means to be a snowflake.

Character Backstories — Trennic and Linaanto Talk about training Padawans and Their Trials.
RP within the Guild, Major Guild Story Arch moving Forward. Different Forum RP

Talk about ALL of the Different Divisions within Sokan: Old, New, and Upcoming.

Announcement for Honor Guard on missions and Congrats to Honor Guard Commanders (Zarae – Council, Mavakir – Aces)
Announcement for Academy and New Classes (Call for Teachers to get involved.)