Season 1 – Episode 2

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 May 10, 2015 - Season 1, Sokan Podcast

This week at Sokan, Masters Linaanto, Trennic, Jaaziel and Knight Espeon talk about:

OH MY GOD the cartel market.
— New Jedi Decorations
— — Intractable Deco’s
— — Win or bust?
— The green crystal of destiny (drop rates) = impossible

Temple Construction and Changes
—- (What would you like to see?)
—- Planned changes

New Jedi Specialization
— Jedi Librarian / Lore Keepers (Espeon’s Role)

Sokan Operation Watch
— Sokan Operation Watch (Tobit)
— Development of team Bravo and shout outs

New Segment: Rants with J
— SOKAN IS 3 for 10 — Bulo is dead!!!

Quick Announcements
— Academy Classes
— Daily Club is back, and here is how you sign up
— Specialization are open get in one and expand your rp