Season 1 – Episode 10: The Togruta Revolution

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 Jul 28, 2015 - Season 1, Sokan Podcast

Come Join Masters Tobit and Trennic on a Journey into 3.3, the newest update in SWTOR as they talk about what may be to come, and what is great about what has already arrived. They are Joined by Masters Zarae and Jaaziel as well as guests from our very first Podrace.

Guild News and Announcements
– Guild Strong Hold Move and the Story behind it
– Padawan Tournament August 1st
– Promotions – Mystanna to Master

First Monthly Pod Race Interview and Results
– Talk with Zeltath about the Podrace.
– Interview the winner Vecira

– Talk about 3.3
— Jay will run with pvp changes for us
— I will talk about major sage changes again
— We will discuss Tagruta and Yavin IV
— What is in the future?
— — Molans foolish bet
— — Leys post on costume races
— — Can they top this release