Season 1 – Episode 1

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 May 03, 2015 - Season 1, Sokan Podcast

Welcome to the Very First, Knights of Sokan Podcast. We try to upload every Monday Night with different things in mind for your listening entertainment.

Here are the things we are going over this week with our Hosts: Master Linaanto Kanah, Master Trennic Kentarri, Master Molan Abram, Master Jaaziel Kazuma

Latest News:
– Guild News
— New Clan Class Videos
— Progression Watch – Sokan Raid team is now 2 for 10 soon to be 4 for 10
– Guild Events
— Wednesday Guild Ceremony
— Academy Classes
– Forum Spotlight
— Why are you throwing a rock at a Padawan, Trennic?
— Zarae’s doodles

Awards and Recognition

– Odan-Urr

Game Updates
– Ziost
– 12x
– Augmentation Market (is it still viable)
– Win or Bust
– Cartel Jedi Stuff